Artist Statement

I make abstract paintings. I hear constantly the murmur of "Death of Paintings" and many other noises from the echo chamber of critical art discourse. I listen to them and put them in a metaphorical composting bin in my brain. In the same bin, I also deposit the dichotomy of "Art" and "Craft", as well as my dealing with two cultural codes from Japan and the West.

In practical level, I use the formal language of abstraction that I acquired over time. They enable me framing, in my art, what I see and feel in everyday life. I combine paint and hand-knit fabrics in my paintings, calling them "Knit Canvas Paintings." I also make site specific mural-scale installation with numerous hand-knit fabric squares. I refer to the latter as, "Knit Mural Projects". In the two modes of making, I merge the knitting and painting traditions on a level plane, both literally and figuratively. I strive to conjure hybridity in my works through the erasure and cancellation of boundaries and hierarchies in the arts.

In recent projects, I'm engaged with discovering and capturing the uncanny metaphorical space between Painting as an object and as an action in my video works. Utilizing chroma-key technology, I insert myself in the works, simultaneously seeing and making the painting. The project expands my understanding of painting by blurring the line between the process and performative aspect of the activity.

I'm no cynic. I believe I can produce something "new" in my art that fosters next round of creative waves among my colleagues and beyond. By engaging in the idea of "Abstract Painting" in my works, I hope to become an instrumental maker/thinker of the creative community.