Installation view of Monument in Memory: Abstract Alaskan Way

June 1 - June 29, 2017
at Gallery 4Culture, Seattle, WA

Vermont Studio Center Chroma Key Painting (time lapse of the creation of the piece)

VSC Studio Timelapse-short from Paul Komada on Vimeo.March 2016.
Location: Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont


Video component of Formaloop from Paul Komada on Vimeo.

Installation view at the Cornish Neddy Exhibition 2015.
Video side by side with 4 panel painting, 36 x 36 inches each.

"To Be Alone Together", co-curated by Shelly Leavens and Emma Levitt, at The Museum of Northwest Art.

Video was installed side by side with 4 panel painting, 36 x 36 inches each (total 72 x 72 inches)

More about To Be alone Together by Shelly Leavens

Formalist's Agony Open Studio Project

Still image of Formalist's Agony Open Studio Project, 2014
Location: Backspace of Prole Drift Gallery

After extended experimentation of erasing the "art and craft" boundary, I wanted to see if I can virtually remove the studio walls. The first step was to have my camera at all times and shared the images through the social media. The data of "followers" feed backs in mind, I have established the "Open-Studio". My studio/installation called, "Formalist's Agony" at Prole Drift Gallery is the first space to put the idea in motion. Through the use of the social media and chromakey technology, I was able to collapse the studio walls and show the viewers the essence of abstract painting in making. More importantly, I can further investigate the ways to simultaneously paint the past and present, while narrowing the separation between the digital and analog medias.
Read article: "Watching Paul Komada Make Mysteries Or, What Are You Looking At?" by Jen Graves, The Stranger, July 5, 2014